Dog Fever: First Aid, Treatment & Home Remedies

Fever in dogs is a natural defense mechanism of the body to elevate the temperature so as to kill the disease-causing pathogens that intruded into the body.

Usually, Normal Dog & Cat body temperature ranges between 99° F and 102.5° F, and temperature beyond that is said to be fever and may be accompanied by common Fever symptoms. Fever usually subsidizes on its own but in some cases, it may require medical attention.

There are some common Symptoms of Dog Fever that can be seen when your dog fall ill.

Symptoms of Fever in Dogs

1. Lethargy, sleepy or Tired
2. Depressed or confused
3. Vomiting
4. Diarrhea
5. Not eating Food and water.

If you notice the above symptoms in your dog or cat, an Appointment with the vet is advisable. In the meantime aiding the pet with the following home remedies will help improve the condition.

Common cause of Fever in dogs

Any inflammation or Infection can cause fever in dogs to raise its body temperature to fight off the infection. Bacterial infections are the most common type of infection causing fever in dogs

Post-vaccination, dogs can have a mild fever for some time due to the resultant reaction between the vaccine and the immunity of the dog.

Ingestion of Certain human medication and toxic substances can increase body temperature in dogs

First Aid Procedures for dog fever

Take the Rectal Temperature of the dog

It is the best possible way to tell your Dog has a Fever. All you require is a thermometer.

1. Take a clean thermometer Lubricated with some Petroleum jelly.

2. Have some help from another person to hold your dog from the front side and hug the pet around the neck to keep him distracted, While you are facing his back.

3. Now have the good hold of your pet’s tail from the base and lift it up to have a clear target of the rectum, Now gently insert the lubricated nib of the thermometer into the rectum and wait for good two or three minutes.

4. Then, remove the thermometer, and read the temperature. Once you have done, Make sure to clean the thermometer with disinfectant.

Note: If the temperature reading is showing above 105° F, Go to the vet right away.

Home remedy for dog fever

If the temperature if beyond 107 ° F, You need to follow some home remedies to reduce the body temperature of the dog. Spray or pat some cool water around the pet’s armpits, ear flaps, and foot pads to help the dog’s body temperature reduce substantially. Never try to treat your dog with human fever medications like aspirin as it can be extremely toxic to your dog. Always consult with your veterinarian for treatment.

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Dog Fever: First Aid, Treatment & Home Remedies
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