English Bull Terrier Breed Profile

English Bull Terrier Breed Profile

The English Bull Terrier is a powerful dog breed belonging to the terrier family. The most distinct feature that making this breed stand out is its egg-shaped head structure. They are commonly called as Bull terrier. Let’s dig in more interesting information about English Bull Terriers.

How does English Bull Terrier look?

The English Bull Terriers are strongly built muscular dogs. The Body is round and well balanced, the head is egg-shaped with unique triangle-shaped eyes. They are believed to be the only dog breed to have triangle-shaped eyes. The top of the head is flat and it is bent slightly till the nose. The Jawline is straight and strong, the tail is short. They are in solid colors such as black, white, fawn, brindle, or in a mix of these colors.


Coat care: The Coat is short, dense, and coarse and hence do not require frequent brushing. Brushing the coat with a gentle brush once in a week is advised.

Nail care: The Nails should be watched regularly for overgrowth. Nails should be trimmed regularly as lengthy nails can cause discomfort while walking, also can cause injuries to nails.


The English Bull terriers were developed during the 19th century period, crossing Old English Terriers and Old English Bull dogs in the expectation of a dog with speed as that of terriers and powerful grip power as that of an Old English Bull dog (which is now extinct). Pure Breed Old English Bull dogs were developed to involve them in bull-baiting and similar blood games. As they were performing poorly in games, many breeders started to breed the new English Bull Terriers as they perform better in games and hunting. As a result, original old English Bull dogs were completely extinct.


English bull terriers are strong, courageous, children friendly, and a perfect family dog but all those can be expected only when they are at the hands of the experienced handlers. English Bull Terriers are not advised for inexperienced or first-time dog owners. Socializing them at a very early age will avoid conflicts with other dogs and animals.

Health & Care

Common health issues: Hearing Impairment is very much possible in English Bull Terrier breeds. You should properly check the hearing capabilities of a pup while getting it from breeders. Fleas and Ticks induced skin allergies are common in this breed. So you should carefully keep a watch over those parasites to prevent such skin diseases. They are prone to risks of Kidney and Heart diseases.

Exercise: Need Moderate level exercise is required to keep your dog happy and healthy and also prevent many diseases.

Nutrition: High-quality dog food, either commercial dog food or a home-prepared dog food should suffice the dog’s appetite and nutritional requirements. Overfeeding food or treats should be avoided as it can result in weight gain and related health issues.


English Bull Terriers are officially recognized as distinct breeds by various kennel clubs. There is a miniature version of bull terrier as Miniature Bull Terrier. It is exactly the smaller version of the bull terriers. The coloured version of a Bull Terrier known as Staffordshire Bull Terriers which is a distinct breed officially recognized by various kennel clubs.

Breed Standard

Genuine English Bull Terriers are strong, muscular, symmetrical, and agile with good observing skills.

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