How long is a dog in heat for the first time

As soon as Puberty strikes, Female dogs go into the first heat (estrus or reproductive) cycle. This is the time a female puppy attains adulthood and gets ready to mate with male dogs to reproduce. The first heat cycle in a dog lasts up to 9 to 21 days.

Generally Female dogs undergo heat cycle in four stages. Out of 4 stages, estrus phase is the time a dog is ready for mating and is able to get pregnant.

How old are dogs when they go into heat?

The time period for dogs to attain the first heat cycle will vary from breed to breed. Small dog breeds such as chihuahua, and pugs, start going into a heat cycle in a shorter period of 4 to 7 months from birth, while giant dog breeds may not go into a heat period until they age 2 years.

How often do female dogs get their period?

Like seen previously, The Frequeny of Heat Cycle in dogs will differ according to her breed, age and weight. At the best case scenario, small dog breeds are expected to have two heat cycle in a year i.e once in 6 months but some giant dogs breeds will get their heat cycle only once a year.

Female Dogs will go in to heat cycle through out their lifetime, however the heat cycle freqency may decrease as they age older. Each heat cycle of the bitch can last between 2 to 3 weeks but bleeding will occur only for first 7 days of the heat cycle.

How to care your dog in heat cycle?

Generally dogs are able to care themselves during their period cycle, however some dog will require addition care. Giving your dog enriched diet and maintaining proper hygiene will go a long way in ensuring her have a happy and stressfree estrus cycle

How long is a dog in heat for the first time
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