Blue Bay Shepherd – History of the Breed

Blue Bay Shepherd – History of the Breed

Blue Bay Shepherd is a new upcoming dog breed, still in the developing stage. This dog breed is expected to be wolf alike with tainted-blue coat. Blue Bay shepherd got is its name from its birth place Palm bay, Florida and its parent breed, German shepherd.

The parent breed of the Blue Bay shepherd is German shepherd which is a popular medium sized dog breed, which originally bred to herd sheep. It’s Average height and weight are similar to that of German Shepherds

Blue Bay Shepherds are beautiful, intelligent, friendly and highly engaging dogs. Their Looks are extremely astonishing with blue eyes and blue tinted coat.

When Blue Bay Shepherd dog be available for sale?

According to its founder Vicky Spencer, Blue Bay Shepherd breed is currently in the development stage and not available in mainstream. So if you see any dog sellers claiming to be having Blue bay Shepherd, they are most likely fraud. Currently the sale of the blue bay shepherd dog is limited to its availability.

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He has been working to develop this breed for over 20 years. Experimented with European German Shepherds imported from France with bloodline from Germany and Holland.

His goal and aspiration is to develop a dog of wolf ancestry with a blue coat and light eyes and which would have a pleasing personality, willingness to be trained and he is working to achieve his dream for 20 years now

As German Shepherds posses similar traits of wolf, he’s been experimenting with pure blood lines of German shepherds to a develop a blue-coated Shepherd dog.

The First litter of Blue Bay Shepherd were produced in the year 2011 since then continuous improvements have been made to developed a dog with extremely good health, trainability, willingness to please, friendly nature and with the beautiful appearance of their wolf family line.

As Blue coated animals are extremely rare, the founder of this new breed expressed his difficulties in developing them.

All Blue Bay Shepherds are registered formally with canine registrars. They are provided with certificates with unique identification numbers. If you happen to see a person selling this breed without a valid certificate, they are most likely not a genuine one.Currently this breed is very limited in numbers, available only in very few hands. Also it requires two blue bay shepherds to produce a similar breed otherwise it is a cross breed.

Where to get Blue Bay shepherd puppies for sale?

If you want to buy Blue bay shepherd puppies or need more information about this breed of dog, contact none other than the breed’s founder @ [email protected]