Why are Dogs scared of thunderstorms?

Why are Dogs scared of thunderstorms?

Are you worried that you dog is too scared of thunderstorms? May be stop worrying!

Dogs are highly sensitive to noise, Most dogs get annoyed by almost every loud sounds. But thunderstorms are something than can terrify any brave dogs. Why are Dogs scared of thunderstorms?

Why my dog is scared of thunderstorms?

The thunderstorm can alter whole lot things around your dog in just a blink of an eye. Like the rain smell after touching the ground, the loudness of rainfall, dramatic thunder, roaring wind, flashing lightnings and all that can make your dog scare.

After all thunderstorms are something that has the audacity to terrify humans, imagine what it will feel like to your dog. With their great intuitions, dogs can sense the upcoming thunderstorms way before humans.

Naturally there is no treatment to stop you dog get scared of thunderstorms. Though you can use handful of tricks and trainings to distract your dog away from thunderstorms.

What to do when thunderstorms scares your dog?

  1. Keep your dog distracted with toys and treats
  2. Shift your dog to wind proof rooms if possible.
  3. Senistitize your dog to noises.