Potcake Dog Breed Information

Potcake Dog Breed Information

“Potcake dog” Did I hear it right? This is something that can possibly strike in everyone’s mind when hearing this funnily sounding cutie pie’s name for the first time. Yes, but that shouldn’t be surprising. Alright, but what does the Potcake even mean? Does the name hide something in it? Let’s dig more about the history of Potcake dogs and decode all the interesting things about Potcake dog breeds.

Potcake dogs are mixed breed street dogs of the Caribbean Islands. Interestingly, Its name originated from the food the local residents eat. They traditionally eat some kind of rice preparation cooked with peas in a pot, at times when the dish is overcooked, the rice cakes at the bottom and it would be fed to this dog and that’s where its name is coming from.

What’s the history of Potcake?

Potcake dogs are a mixed breed of three dogs. Some residents of Caribbean islands were originally from nearby Island, they brought their dog along with them. Dogs brought by Arawak to the Bahamas; terriers brought by sailors to Eleuthera, and the Abaco Islands; and the dog brought from North Carolina during the American war period were contributed to the development of the Potcake dog breed.

How do they Look?

The appearance of Potcake dogs differs by Island. They resemble characteristics of dogs such as German shepherds, mastiffs, hound, terriers, and Pariah in many different combinations. They averagely grow up to 23 inches and weigh up to 50 pounds. Although Stray Potcake dogs may weigh lesser than average. Being a mixed dog breed, they vary greatly in terms of colors. They come in black, brown, and combinational colors. They typically resemble more like Indian pariah dogs in appearance-wise like in narrow facial structure, ears, and other bodily features such as height and weight.

What will be their behaviour

Potcake dogs are smart, strong, and well-behaving dogs. They have good digestion capabilities, with which they can eat a wide variety of foods that they get to eat without upsetting their stomach.

How’s Potcake to keep as a Pet

Potcake dogs are friendly, intelligent, and hardy as street dogs. They can be an ideal companion to someone who wants the smartest and resilient pet dog.

They may have common but less serious health issues such as tick problems as other dogs but can be easily managed. They have a average lifetime of 10-14 years.

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