Vomiting and Diarrhea in Dogs Causes, Treatment, Home remedy

Vomiting and Diarrhea in dogs are the two most common illnesses in dogs for every dog parent would often rush to the veterinary hospitals to seek remedy and it is also the most difficult time for both the dog and you as well because you don’t like to see your dog suffer. Let’s see how to tackle diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.

In rare instances, dogs can do vomiting and have diarrhea at the same time, It can occur due to simple food poisoning to serious illnesses such as cancer, kidney ailments, etc. A visit to the vet is a must in this condition.

Vomiting in Dogs

Dogs throw up for several reasons. If a dog feels a little nauseating, he tries to vomit to relieve himself. It also happens when a dog eats a large meal, he will vomit it up, may eat it again if we aren’t present there at that time. No one has got an idea, why dogs do this but we can understand this is surely a dog’s way to deal with the problem. Some dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up. Eating grass also triggers vomiting in dogs.

Also sometimes a dog gets an acute stomach irritation after few hours from eating lastly, then throws up a pale greenish fluid or semi-fluid content. You can help him relieve out of this stomach irritation by feeding him less food two or three times a day instead of feeding a large meal at a time.

What is Garbage gut?

Dogs eat everything they feel they can eat. They even have the habit of pulling stuffs out from garbage and eat them when no one’s seeing. This habit of a dog is another common reason for vomiting that veterinarians medically call garbage gut.

Vomiting occurs when a dog happens to eat non edible or foreign substances such as plastic wraps, aluminium foils etc from the garbage that are highly indigestible. They can develop a gastritis from eating them. A dog with garbage gut often vomits several hours after eating, after the stomach has made a good try at digesting the indigestible. After the dog throws up the obstacles, he returns to normalcy.

Home Remedies to cure vomiting in dogs

If your dog vomits two or three times but doesn’t seem seriously ill, give her stomach a rest by not giver her food for 12 to 24 hours. But make sure she’s provided with enough water to compensate the fluids lost in the vomit.

If your dog is gulping down lots of water, give her ice cubes every hour or so to prevent her from drinking too much water and vomiting it up. After a day of fasting, feed her small amounts of diet with ample protein and carbohydrates. Then gradually mix in increasing amounts of her regular food over the next two to three days.

If your dog still is vomiting after a 24 hour fast, If the vomit contains blood, or if your dog has other signs of illness such as fever, diarrhea or depression, make an appointment to see your veterinarian. She may have ingested a toxin or have an infection.

Diarrhea in Dogs

Just like their humans, Diarrhea in dogs can be for obvious reasons such as stomach upset, indigestion, and similar stuff. Your dog may go watery poop very frequently like two or more times. Diarrhea in dogs may just be its body’s way of clearing the intestine of something unwanted.

Home remedy to control diarrhea in dogs

The best home remedy to cure your dog’s diarrhea is not feeding him anything for 12 to 24 hrs. Missing a meal or two won’t harm your dog rather it will give his gastrointestinal tract a time to repair itself. Be sure to give him access to clean water to compensate for the fluids he has lost in the repeated loop of diarrhea. Follow the fast with a couple of days of a bland diet that includes soft food that is not spicy and very low in fiber and your diarrheic dog will be back to normalcy in no time.

Best Food For Dog with Diarrhea

Feeding dog, rice mixed with small amounts of boiled chicken can be helpful in treating diarrhea in dogs, Additionally supplementing with prebiotics and probiotics can speed up the recovery

Vomiting and Diarrhea in Dogs Causes, Treatment, Home remedy
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